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Online betting is the favorite pastime of millions of people around the world. It’s fun, very easy to do nowadays thanks to mobile betting, and you can use a vast array of payment options as well. Using e-wallets such as PayPal allows you to deposit in seconds and get your winnings out in a flash. However, there’s a much better and faster payment you can use at online bookies – Bitcoin. BTC sports betting may be new, but it’s nonetheless popular.


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We had reached a stage where the online gambling industry had reached a peak. Especially after the global pandemic as many people were forced to stay at home for long periods. In a search for entertainment and making the dull days at home much more exciting, many people had switched their attention to online sports betting.

And this is where the first shreds of light came to the new and innovative BTC sports betting platforms. As the name suggests, these online gambling sites use the Bitcoin cryptocurrency as the base of their financial operations.

Many of you are probably familiar with what cryptocurrencies are. But long story short, these so-called coins are a store of digital value. At their core, they are using innovative blockchain technology. But what does that mean for the Bitcoin sports betting platforms?

By using BTC as their cornerstone for all transactions and betting, players can benefit from many perks and features created by cryptocurrency. So what do we mean by that? We will illustrate the best possible way with a simple example.

If you have been enjoying online gambling services for a while, you will be familiar with many of the payment methods the online gambling sites are using. They may include debit cards, bank transfers, or transactions via e-wallets. And by far, the fastest way you can use to get your funds is the e-wallets. With them, you can easily make your deposit into a specific platform in seconds.

However, when it comes the moment for you to make a withdrawal, you will probably have to wait for 24 hours until the funds hit your account. This is still a decent time to receive your funds, considering the different factors. But what if we tell you there is a much better option? And that is the new type of online sports betting – Bitcoin betting.

And to be perfectly transparent, you can consider yourself lucky because you have arrived at the best place where we will dive deep into all the benefits you can exploit while engaging in Bitcoin sports betting. And it’s not only that. We understand that most players will still not be keen to leave their favorite traditional sports betting platforms just yet.

But after you go through all of the information we will provide, you will understand everything that BTC sports betting brings to you and why this will be the next big thing in the online gambling industry for years to come.

So, by going back to the topic of the withdrawals you will usually experience in traditional online sports betting platforms, we can say that the fastest ones will be processed via e-wallets, which takes around 24 hours. However, here is where one of the most significant differences comes to light.

When you are using a BTC sports betting platform, you will use the cryptocurrency of Bitcoin for all of your transactions on the platform, no matter deposits and withdrawals. But because of the cryptocurrency’s nature, the processing times of the two types of transactions will be the same.

Does that mean that you need to wait a specific amount of time to wait an extended period to make your deposit so you can start playing on a Bitcoin betting platform? The answer is no because all transactions you make in these new and innovative platforms will be processed in less than 15 minutes.

This may not seem too significant but keep in mind that all of the withdrawals you make will be processed in this timeframe. So, if you have been using a traditional online sports betting platform that can offer the same speed of transactions, tell us because we have been looking for something like this. Well, at least until the Bitcoin betting sites came into the gambling world.

But the lightning-fast withdrawals are not the only benefit that makes Bitcoin sports betting such an attractive option to many of the players that are tired of facing problems with traditional online gambling platforms. That’s why BTC sports betting is still relatively new, but it’s nonetheless popular.

Punters who own Bitcoin can easily place bets via the blockchain. The speed and reliability are the two most important factors why Bitcoin betting is so popular nowadays.

But as we already mentioned, there are many different benefits you can exploit. But you have to understand them very well to do that. So that’s why, in the following lines, we will present to you everything so you aren’t left with many questions unanswered when it comes to Bitcoin betting.

As a matter of fact, betting with BTC at any of the recommended bookies here at is the easiest way to place wagers online.

Betting Via the Blockchain

We are here talking about BTC sports betting, which was impossible to even think about just a few years back. In reality, this was precisely the case a few decades ago, when the internet was first introduced, and everyone was skeptical when online gambling was making its first steps. The situation right now is very similar. 

Many long-term players are used to the traditional way of online betting, and they don’t even want to think about any new inventions in the likes of cryptocurrency betting. And who can blame them? The transition is always challenging as no one wants to get outside of their comfort zone and leave something they have been properly using for many years. 

Still, when we broaden the perspective of our readers, we are opening the door for them to the fantastic benefits that this new type of betting provides. Even with so many people hesitant to hop on the trend, it’s evident that this new and exciting type of betting is here to stay, and nothing can hold it back. 

Bitcoin doesn’t have a long history with gambling. It’s only a few years ‘old’, but it’s already becoming a favorite around the world. As you surely know, legislation prevents BTC from being widely accepted. It is, however, a viable option to use at offshore bookies and local ones in countries where cryptos are legal.

More and more people are joining the crypto betting revolution, and it’s easy to see why. Unlike centralized finance payments, decentralized options such as Bitcoin are much faster. The reason is simple – there are no third parties involved. All you need is a crypto wallet and the betting site’s address – the blockchain will do everything else.

It takes care of all transactions in a safe and secure manner, and most importantly, it does so anonymously. This is a key factor why punters love to bet with BTC, which is pretty easy these days even if you don’t own it. You can experience BTC sports betting with ease these days by exchanging fiat money for BTC and placing bets with it. You don’t have to mine to own it.

There are just a few things that differ the process of BTC betting from the one you are used to when engaging in gambling on a traditional betting platform. However, as we are here to guide you through every unfamiliar step, we can ensure you won’t have any problems starting your new gambling adventure. Here you will learn so much about BTC sports betting that you will thrive at these new platforms with ease. 

How to Bet with Bitcoin?

It’s 2021, and there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of cryptocurrencies. They are rapidly rising in popularity, and their total market cap is growing daily. Many people are starting to see the potential that these cryptocurrencies provide, and it’s not a surprise that this industry is growing bigger. 

Bitcoin, labeled by many experts as the future of money, also does not indicate that it will soon stop its expanding trend. One of the industries that greatly benefit from Bitcoin is the gambling industry. 

We can’t be sure that Bitcoin will be the future of money, as we mentioned. But we can confidently say that it will be the future of online gambling. 

Wagers with Bitcoin provide players with many benefits and make the whole gambling experience much easier and thrilling. After all, winning a big chunk of Bitcoin can even prove to be a great investment for the long-term!

The technology behind cryptocurrencies may seem a bit complicated at first, but things are generally pretty simple. As the Bitcoin betting industry is new, many people are scared to bet with Bitcoin as they think the process is complex and prolonged.

Additionally, the masses have heard of the mining process that gained enormous popularity in the last years. Hence, they think that to place bets with Bitcoin they have to mine the cryptocurrency first. 

However, this can’t be farther from the truth! 

In reality, it’s the complete opposite, as betting with Bitcoin is even easier than traditional betting is in some cases. Bitcoin is now an established currency, and thanks to the many available exchanges, you can buy as much Bitcoin as you want these days. 

So after going through all of this information, you probably wonder what separates you from wagering with Bitcoin right now? That’s simple. You just have to create your account at a Bitcoin sports betting site and set up your personal Bitcoin wallet, which you will learn how to do in the following lines. 

However, before you do that, you have to learn what are the basic types of a Bitcoin wallet:

  • Hot wallets: these wallets work online and are much easier to set up and use than cold wallets. However, while secure, they can’t match the safety of cold, physical types of wallets.
  • Cold wallets: cold crypto wallets are physical devices in the form of a USB or portable drives where you can store your BTC offline. You can easily transfer them online by opening up the drive and spending a portion before plugging it out.

As soon as you have them ready in the wallet, you can fund your BTC sports betting account and start placing wagers on your favorite sports and teams.

Can I Use Bitcoin at Fiat Money Betting Sites?

Yes, you can. As we mentioned earlier, you can exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies (or vice-versa) and bet at each bookie that accepts BTC. There are two types of Bitcoin sports betting sites you can try – the first one accepts fiat money and cryptos too, the other specializes in cryptos only. The first one is much more common nowadays. While cryptos such as Bitcoin are undoubtedly great, it’s much better for a site to accept the best of both worlds.

Bitcoin-exclusive bookies have an advantage in the form of BTC betting bonuses and promotions. Exclusive crypto bonuses are often much bigger than regular ones, putting more ‘money’ in your pockets to bet with. More money means more bets, and more bets mean better chances of winning. If you don’t want to use Bitcoin, you can always try some ETH sports betting.

BTC Sports Betting Bonuses and Promotions

The bonus you can find at Bitcoin betting sites and casinos are usually much bigger than regular ones. It’s not uncommon to find welcome deposit bonuses in the range of 200% or 300%. That’s much more than you get at fiat money betting sites and means more winning opportunities.

Why do BTC bookies offer such massive bonuses? To get the attention of crypto owners, of course. Bitcoin betting is still a new idea, and the fact that cryptocurrencies are outlawed in many countries doesn’t help move things forward. It shouldn’t, but it creates a negative aura that surrounds cryptos. Bitcoin sports betting sites have no other option but to offer massive bonuses and promotions which is great news for you as a bettor.

You can use all of the bonuses and promotions to place more bets and hopefully win your bet slips. Of course, if the terms are fair. There’s no point in claiming a bonus if the wagering is set at 100x.

The good news is that’s Bitcoin betting sites have the top bonuses and promotions in the world of BTC betting with fair wagering requirements. If you do not have BTC, don’t worry as we have a great LTC Sports Betting page which will help you out. 

What Types of Bonuses Can I Earn?

Some of the bonuses available at BTC bookies include:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Free bets
  • Deposit and no deposit bonuses
  • Reloads
  • Cashbacks
  • Loyalty bonuses

In general, you can earn more or less the same bonuses at BTC sports betting sites that you get at fiat money bookies. The difference is that the former is bigger and in many cases, much easier to use.

The Best BTC Sports Betting Sites

What does a good Bitcoin betting sports site look like? Well, we can’t tell you which site is the best, but we can tell you what you should look for. First and foremost, a good BTC sports betting site should be fully licensed and regulated. The license is the first factor you need to check for. If you want a good experience, you’ll want to find a licensed bookie.

Second, you’ll need to ensure that the betting site you choose is fully safe and secure. SSL encryption is a must these days – any additional security software is a plus.

Of course, since it’s sports betting we’re talking about, you should definitely pay attention to the sports markets and odds. Most Bitcoin betting sites have great odds because of the crypto payments and lower margins.

A good bookie will have dozens of sports on offer along with hundreds of markets. These will always include football as well as basketball, tennis, cricket, horse racing, and motor racing among others.

UFC/MMA, boxing, and other sports will also be on offer, paired with markets that go beyond match winners and outrights. Handicaps, team and individual bets, and live markets are quite popular, allowing you to make a nice profit.

The best Bitcoin sports betting sites will feature a blog with news and expert tips and predictions that will help hopefully help you win more of your bet slips. Keep an eye on the odds too.

When choosing a betting site, you should shop for odds and find sites with the best value. Since you’re already investing money, why not get the best possible return? Shop for odds among our recommended BTC betting sites and find the best possible ones before you decide which one to pick.

Types of Wagers at Bitcoin Betting Sites

One of the biggest misconceptions around Bitcoin betting is that many people believe that the betting selection won’t be on the standard level since this invention is still in its beginning stages of development. Although this thinking is practically correct, we can say that the type of wagers you can place when engaging in gambling on any of these new platforms are far from limited. 

Just because you’ve picked a BTC sports betting site doesn’t mean the wagers are different. As a matter of fact, a Bitcoin bookie is just like a regular bookie, except for the fact that you’re using BTC to place bets. The wagers are the same – there’s literally no difference in the types of wagers you can place.

In some cases, we can even say that the new BTC betting platforms offer an even better wagering selection than the traditional betting sites. This might sound too good to be accurate, but it’s the information we present, based on the research of our professional team, with years of experience in the gambling industry. 

This means that you can go for straight bets, match winners, outrights, teasers, reverse bets, handicaps, totals, parlays, office pools, and everything else you can think of. Just like in a traditional online sports betting platform, you will be able to enjoy the whole specter of betting opportunities and exploit each sport you are betting on.

This leads us to our next point. The sports selection you can bet on these new BTC betting platforms can be much superior to the one you are used to in the traditional betting platforms. Although this is more individual to every sports betting platform, generally, we can say that the variety of sports you can enjoy on the crypto betting platforms is better.  

So, when you understand this is the case, there is just one way to go from here. Make a BTC deposit and use it just like you’d use cash.

Most Popular Sports to Bet on at Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and that doesn’t change when it comes to BTC bookies. It’s the most popular sport at these sites as well, and as such, most punters will choose this market to bet on.

Football’s top leagues, competitions, and events include the:

  • Champions League
  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • Bundesliga
  • World Cup
  • Ligue 1
  • European Championships

If you’re not a footie fan and you want to bet on something else, basketball, tennis, baseball, cricket, horse racing, and motorsports are an excellent choice. All these sports are highly popular to bet on these days, along with Esports. It’s an emerging market with plenty of competitions to bet on year-round, often coming with great odds in two.

Many bookies will offer other markets too that go beyond sports. While it may not be as popular as football, betting on politics and TV shows at BTC sports betting sites is quite fun. These markets are not as big as football, so they often can come with pretty great odds in tow.

We’ve made a great list of the most popular sports betting markets here at, allowing you to make the most out of your bets.

Is the Blockchain Safe for BTC Sports Betting?

Many of you will undoubtedly wonder – is the blockchain safe for sports betting? The answer is a resounding yes. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin betting sites may be the safest spot for you to bet on.

The blockchain is a superior product thanks to the fact that it offers anonymous transactions. All of them are verified by multiple people, and since there are no third parties involved, transactions are lightning-fast.

Moving money around at BTC betting sites is pretty easy and fast too, making the blockchain a must for sports punters.

Benefits of BTC Sports Betting Sites

It’s not just the speed that makes Bitcoin betting sites so popular these days. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of benefits to use them, and we’ve listed the top ones below.

  • Unmatched privacy: betting with BTC offers a level of privacy you won’t experience with any other payment method. When you make a Bitcoin deposit, you won’t need to enter your email or any other private details. No need to approve other information too when withdrawing your winnings. These guarantees a level of privacy you simply don’t get with other payment methods, making BTC a great choice for punters.
  • Bigger and better bonuses: as mentioned earlier, BTC bonuses and promotions are bigger and better than their counterparts. Bitcoin sports betting sites have to attract customers in some way, and they use bonuses to lure new punters in. Since all bookies offer extra cash, they’ve upped the offer to cover a bigger portion of your deposits. It’s not uncommon to find a 300% BTC first deposit bonus, which means you’ll triple your initial deposit to begin with.
  • Smaller processing fees: there are no hidden or extra fees associated with BTC deposits. Whenever you make a deposit with the leading cryptocurrency, you won’t be charged a single cent.
  • Faster withdrawals: Bitcoin betting sites offer blazing-fast withdrawals that can’t be matched by other payment methods. In most cases, you should get your winnings instantly, or in a maximum of 24-48 hours.


BTC sports betting

BTC Sports Betting FAQs

Is it safe to bet with Bitcoin?

Yes, it is. As long as the betting site you choose is fully safe and secure, you shouldn’t have any doubts over placing bets with BTC.

Where can I buy cryptos to bet with?

Before you start betting with Bitcoin, you’ll need to buy coins from crypto exchanges. This is as simple as registering an account at one of these exchanges and using fiat money to buy the digital coins.

Is Bitcoin Sports Betting legal?

If Bitcoin is legal in your country, then it is perfectly safe to bet with it. However, this varies from one country to another. Cryptocurrencies such as BTC are not legal tender worldwide, but there aren’t many laws that specifically forbid you from using them to place bets online.

What sports can I bet on with BTC?

Everything you can think of. BTC sports betting is not different from regular sports betting – it’s just the payment method that differs.

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