BTC Sports Betting


Online betting is the favorite pastime of millions of people around the world. It’s fun, very easy to do nowadays thanks to mobile betting, and you can use a vast array of payment options as well. Using e-wallets such as PayPal allows you to deposit in seconds and get your winnings out in a flash. However, there’s a much better and faster payment you can use at online bookies – Bitcoin. BTC sports betting may be new, but it’s nonetheless popular.


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We had reached a stage where the online gambling industry had reached a peak. Especially after the global pandemic as many people were forced to stay at home for long periods. In a search for entertainment and making the dull days at home much more exciting, many people had switched their attention to online sports betting.

And this is where the first shreds of light came to the new and innovative BTC sports betting platforms. As the name suggests, these online gambling sites use the Bitcoin cryptocurrency as the base of their financial operations.

Many of you are probably familiar with what cryptocurrencies are. But long story short, these so-called coins are a store of digital value. At their core, they are using innovative blockchain technology. But what does that mean for the Bitcoin sports betting platforms?

By using BTC as their cornerstone for all transactions and betting, players can benefit from many perks and features created by cryptocurrency. So what do we mean by that? We will illustrate the best possible way with a simple example.

If you have been enjoying online gambling services for a while, you will be familiar with many of the payment methods the online gambling sites are using. They may include debit cards, bank transfers, or transactions via e-wallets. And by far, the fastest way you can use to get your funds is the e-wallets. With them, you can easily make your deposit into a specific platform in seconds.

However, when it comes the moment for you to make a withdrawal, you will probably have to wait for 24 hours until the funds hit your account. This is still a decent time to receive your funds, considering the different factors. But what if we tell you there is a much better option? And that is the new type of online sports betting – Bitcoin betting.

And to be perfectly transparent, you can consider yourself lucky because you have arrived at the best place where we will dive deep into all the benefits you can exploit while engaging in Bitcoin sports betting. And it’s not only that. We understand that most players will still not be keen to leave their favorite traditional sports betting platforms just yet.

But after you go through all of the information we will provide, you will understand everything that BTC sports betting brings to you and why this will be the next big thing in the online gambling industry for years to come.

So, by going back to the topic of the withdrawals you will usually experience in traditional online sports betting platforms, we can say that the fastest ones will be processed via e-wallets, which takes around 24 hours. However, here is where one of the most significant differences comes to light.

When you are using a BTC sports betting platform, you will use the cryptocurrency of Bitcoin for all of your transactions on the platform, no matter deposits and withdrawals. But because of the cryptocurrency’s nature, the processing times of the two types of transactions will be the same.

Does that mean that you need to wait a specific amount of time to wait an extended period to make your deposit so you can start playing on a Bitcoin betting platform? The answer is no because all transactions you make in these new and innovative platforms will be processed in less than 15 minutes.

This may not seem too significant but keep in mind that all of the withdrawals you make will be processed in this timeframe. So, if you have been using a traditional online sports betting platform that can offer the same speed of transactions, tell us because we have been looking for something like this. Well, at least until the Bitcoin betting sites came into the gambling world.

But the lightning-fast withdrawals are not the only benefit that makes Bitcoin sports betting such an attractive option to many of the players that are tired of facing problems with traditional online gambling platforms. That’s why BTC sports betting is still relatively new, but it’s nonetheless popular.

Punters who own Bitcoin can easily place bets via the blockchain. The speed and reliability are the two most important factors why Bitcoin betting is so popular nowadays.

But as we already mentioned, there are many different benefits you can exploit. But you have to understand them very well to do that. So that’s why, in the following lines, we will present to you everything so you aren’t left with many questions unanswered when it comes to Bitcoin betting.

As a matter of fact, betting with BTC at any of the recommended bookies here at is the easiest way to place wagers online.

Betting Via the Blockchain

We are here talking about BTC sports betting, which was impossible to even think about just a few years back. In reality, this was precisely the case a few decades ago, when the internet was first introduced, and everyone was skeptical when online gambling was making its first steps. The situation right now is very similar. 

Many long-term players are used to the traditional way of online betting, and they don’t even want to think about any new inventions in the likes of cryptocurrency betting. And who can blame them? The transition is always challenging as no one wants to get outside of their comfort zone and leave something they have been properly using for many years. 

Still, when we broaden the perspective of our readers, we are opening the door for them to the fantastic benefits that this new type of betting provides. Even with so many people hesitant to hop on the trend, it’s evident that this new and exciting type of betting is here to stay, and nothing can hold it back. 

Bitcoin doesn’t have a long history with gambling. It’s only a few years ‘old’, but it’s already becoming a favorite around the world. As you surely know, legislation prevents BTC from being widely accepted. It is, however, a viable option to use at offshore bookies and local ones in countries where cryptos are legal.

More and more people are joining the crypto betting revolution, and it’s easy to see why. Unlike centralized finance payments, decentralized options such as Bitcoin are much faster. The reason is simple – there are no third parties involved. All you need is a crypto wallet and the betting site’s address – the blockchain will do everything else.

It takes care of all transactions in a safe and secure manner, and most importantly, it does so anonymously. This is a key factor why punters love to bet with BTC, which is pretty easy these days even if you don’t own it. You can experience BTC sports betting with ease these days by exchanging fiat money for BTC and placing bets with it. You don’t have to mine to own it.

There are just a few things that differ the process of BTC betting from the one you are used to when engaging in gambling on a traditional betting platform. However, as we are here to guide you through every unfamiliar step, we can ensure you won’t have any problems starting your new gambling adventure. Here you will learn so much about BTC sports betting that you will thrive at these new platforms with ease. 

How to Bet with Bitcoin?

It’s 2021, and there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of cryptocurrencies. They are rapidly rising in popularity, and their total market cap is growing daily. Many people are starting to see the potential that these cryptocurrencies provide, and it’s not a surprise that this industry is growing bigger. 

Bitcoin, labeled by many experts as the future of money, also does not indicate that it will soon stop its expanding trend. One of the industries that greatly benefit from Bitcoin is the gambling industry. 

We can’t be sure that Bitcoin will be the future of money, as we mentioned. But we can confidently say that it will be the future of online gambling. 

Wagers with Bitcoin provide players with many benefits and make the whole gambling experience much easier and thrilling. After all, winning a big chunk of Bitcoin can even prove to be a great investment for the long-term!

The technology behind cryptocurrencies may seem a bit complicated at first, but things are generally pretty simple. As the Bitcoin betting industry is new, many people are scared to bet with Bitcoin as they think the process is complex and prolonged.

Additionally, the masses have heard of the mining process that gained enormous popularity in the last years. Hence, they think that to place bets with Bitcoin they have to mine the cryptocurrency first. 

However, this can’t be farther from the truth! 

In reality, it’s the complete opposite, as betting with Bitcoin is even easier than traditional betting is in some cases. Bitcoin is now an established currency, and thanks to the many available exchanges, you can buy as much Bitcoin as you want these days. 

So after going through all of this information, you probably wonder what separates you from wagering with Bitcoin right now? That’s simple. You just have to create your account at a Bitcoin sports betting site and set up your personal Bitcoin wallet, which you will learn how to do in the following lines. 

However, before you do that, you have to learn what are the basic types of a Bitcoin wallet:

  • Hot wallets: these wallets work online and are much easier to set up and use than cold wallets. However, while secure, they can’t match the safety of cold, physical types of wallets.
  • Cold wallets: cold crypto wallets are physical devices in the form of a USB or portable drives where you can store your BTC offline. You can easily transfer them online by opening up the drive and spending a portion before plugging it out.

As soon as you have them ready in the wallet, you can fund your BTC sports betting account and start placing wagers on your favorite sports and teams.

Can I Use Bitcoin at Fiat Money Betting Sites?

Practically, you can use fiat money to gamble in any of the Bitcoin betting sites. As we previously mentioned, you can join any of these platforms. After exchanging your fiat money for cryptocurrency, you can start your new gambling adventure on these new, innovative platforms. 

In the digital world we live in there are many ways that you can easily exchange your fiat money and get your hands on the needed cryptocurrency for BTC sports betting. However, most gamblers’ tricky process will be the practical exchange of their fiat money.

But as here at, we aim to present to you only the most straightforward path to your successful gambling experience. That’s why we can suggest you join a cryptocurrency exchange. 

As the name suggests, these cryptocurrency exchanges are site platforms where you can quickly turn your fiat money into crypto for your new gaming experience. The only thing you need to do is register into the platform and link up a preferred payment method, with which you will buy the amount of cryptocurrency you want. The whole process is very straightforward and will take you literally minutes. 

The most significant benefit of these crypto exchanges lies in the fact that you are getting a digital wallet attached to your account when you register there. Just like the e-wallets you are probably used to when engaging in traditional gambling, these digital wallets are used to store your cryptocurrency.

Each digital wallet has its unique address, which you will provide when you want to exchange your fiat money for crypto or make a deposit in any of the Bitcoin sports betting platforms. The process may sound a bit challenging for the first time. Still, after you go through it once, you will understand that it’s very similar to the payment processes you are used to in traditional gambling platforms. 

Other than that, there are two main types of crypto betting sites that you will encounter, and you can try. In the first category, you can find the betting platforms that accept both fiat money and cryptocurrency. 

Usually, these platforms have been established for years and have practically been like the traditional betting platforms. However, by seizing the fantastic opportunity of Bitcoin sports betting, these platforms are now offering the best of both worlds in an incredible online gambling setting. 

The second type of platform you can encounter is the Bitcoin-exclusive betting sites. These betting platforms usually come up with the benefit of better promotions and bonus offers. 

Exclusive crypto bonuses are often much more extensive than regular ones, putting more ‘money in your pockets to bet with. More money means more bets, and more bets mean better chances of winning. If you don’t want to use Bitcoin, you can always try some ETH sports betting.

However, most of the time, these platforms are relatively new. Their reliability hasn’t been proved through the years like the established platforms offering bettings with Bitcoin and fiat currency. 

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference, but one thing is for sure. No matter what you choose, you will make the correct decision because we present you with only trusted platforms, allowing you to enjoy a fantastic gambling experience, regardless of your decision. 

Can I Use Fiat Money At Bitcoin Betting Sites?

Whether we are talking about traditional online betting or BTC sports betting, bonuses and promotions will always be one of the sections that first catch the attention of the new potential players. In the online gambling industry, we have already reached a point where a vast selection of bonuses and promotions is more than enough for a new user to jump on the opportunity and join a particular platform.

But who can blame these players? Playing with bonuses and engaging in different exciting promotions is fun, and most of all, it takes a minimal amount or no amount at all from your funds. Generally, this is the most significant benefit of playing with bonuses, as they allow new players to explore the particular platform without any risk, all while having fun at the same time. It doesn’t get more convenient than this. 

When we strictly talk about the bonuses and promotions that the BTC sports betting platforms offer to their players, we can find an interesting trend. Since we already mentioned how important the section with the bonuses and promotions is for the players, you get the idea of how essential it is for a new betting platform to offer the best possible bonus deals on the market. 

The bonuses you can find at Bitcoin betting sites and casinos are usually much more extensive than regular ones. It’s not uncommon to find welcome deposit bonuses in the range of 200% or 300%. That’s much more than you get at fiat money betting sites and means more winning opportunities.

Why do BTC bookies offer such massive bonuses? To get the attention of crypto owners, of course. Bitcoin betting is still a new idea, and the fact that cryptocurrencies are outlawed in many countries doesn’t help move things forward. It shouldn’t, but it creates a negative aura that surrounds cryptos. Bitcoin sports betting sites have no other option but to offer massive bonuses and promotions, which is excellent news for you as a bettor.

This basically creates an even more fierce competition than in the traditional online gambling industry. As there are many new Bitcoin betting platforms, they are trying to get ahead of the competition by offering better bonus deals to the players. This is like a non-ending process, where each one of the platforms is constantly trying to get on top. 

It may be harsh on all of the Bitcoin betting platforms, but as a sports betting enthusiast, there is no better thing that you can see happening in the industry at the moment. More significant and more generous bonus deals mean more opportunities for you to exploit. And when you have more chances you could use, this will inevitably lead to more winnings at the end of the day. 

That being said, you can use all of the bonuses and promotions these platforms are offering to their full extent. However, there is a tricky part that you should keep in mind. All bonuses come with different terms and conditions and, more importantly, wagering requirements. When you claim a bonus offer, you accept these terms, and it will be impossible for you to withdraw your potential winnings without completing the set requirements. 

Bonuses and promotions with ridiculously high wagering requirements like 80x or 100x are tough to exploit. That’s why you have to read the rules carefully and choose the ones that are easier to accomplish and complete in a small time frame. But this is more generally because, in truth, you won’t have to worry about these things when playing on a Bitcoin betting platform. 

That’s because’s Bitcoin betting sites have only the top bonuses and promotions in the world of BTC betting with fair wagering requirements. If you do not have BTC, don’t worry, as we have a great LTC Sports Betting page that will help you out.

What Types of Bonuses Can I Earn?

After we covered the situation with the bonuses and promotions in the Bitcoin sports betting industry, it’s time for you to understand what are the different types of bonuses you can exploit in all of these new platforms. Along with each bonus type, our team of experts will give you a brief description, which will allow you to understand each part of the particular offer.

When you have a piece of extensive knowledge about a specific bonus offer, it will no longer be a problem for you to filter the good from the lousy bonus opportunities. You will be able to claim and exploit them much more quickly. That becomes even more relevant after the first few offers you claim in a BTC sports betting platform.

  • Welcome Bonuses

Without a doubt, welcome bonuses are one of the most popular types of bonuses in the online gambling industry, which are also the ones that new players mostly anticipate. This result is because these bonuses are much more generous than the other average bonuses, and they present an incredible opportunity for gamblers.

In the Bitcoin sports betting platforms, it’s not uncommon to come across welcome bonus offers that provide 200% or even sometimes 300% bonus on top of the initial deposit, which is very impressive. The opportunity to double or trouble the initial deposit of every new player is unheard of in the online gambling space.

It’s widely known that a more significant bankroll increases the winning chances of a player drastically, and that’s why these welcome bonuses are so popular among new players in the BTC sports betting. The only thing you have to keep in mind with these bonuses is the wagering requirements.

As you already understand, harsh requirements of 80x or above are tough to complete, but something between 30x and 50x is much more manageable, and the chances of a positive outcome are much more significant. 

  • Free Bets

As another very popular bonus, whether for new players in a particular sports betting platform or players that have been using it for a long time. What makes the free bet bonuses so attractive to the players is that they didn’t carry out any risk. Most users engaging in any betting for quite a while understand the fantastic value of a no-risk bet.

These kinds of bonuses allow players to take higher odd selections, considering the high risk-reward percent they get from a wager. That’s because, in case of a loss, the player loses only the money that the particular BTC sports betting platform has provided. But in case of a win, players get to keep a significant amount of funds.

However, when wagering with free bets, there can be a catch. In some betting platforms, the free bets are not connected with any wagering requirements, and in case of a win, the user can keep the funds as free money or even withdraw them. But this is not the case with the majority of betting platforms.

Usually, these free bets come with a wagering requirement, which you have to be aware of. When it comes down to the free bets, these requirements are usually from 1x to 3x the free bet amount, so if you make a high odd wager and win, you won’t have any problems completing the rules and withdrawing a hefty profit. 

  • Deposit And No Deposit Bonuses

The bonuses which are connected in any kind of way with the deposits are the most frequent ones that players are more than happy to take advantage of. As you understand from the heading, there are two main types of deposit bonuses: match deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. Each of them has its benefits and perks that attract different types of players in the BTC sports betting scene.

The match bonuses are identical to the welcome bonuses, one of the most popular types of bonuses among gamblers. But some things differentiate these two. Match deposit bonuses are usually offered to loyal players of a particular casino. Most of the time, they are not as generous as the welcome bonus offers as the bonus amount players receive usually between 25% and 100% on top of the initial deposit.

There is a tendency that the wagering requirements for the match bonuses are much more user-friendly, with required wagering between 1x and 30x, which varies significantly from site to site. On the flip side, when we are talking about no deposit bonuses, we uncover the most anticipated types of bonuses among every last player in the online gambling industry.

In a way, these bonuses are similar to the free bets, but new players more widely use them in a particular BTC sports betting platform. The no deposit bonuses can frequently appear as an offer for both new and existing players. They are providing a fantastic opportunity for players to try the services of the specific betting venue offering it. Similar to the strategy with the high-risk wagers, the no deposit bonuses are usually used to fund bets with enormous odds.

The main benefit of these bonuses is that they give significantly more freedom for the players using them as they can easily divide the whole bonus into several betting options. That way, they increase their chances of success, and they can quickly complete any wagering requirement. Although when it comes to no deposit bonuses, it is usually 1x the bonus amount. 

  • Reloads

The reloads bonuses are among the favorite bonus opportunities for players using a specific sports betting platform for quite a while. Some platforms credit their loyal players with reload bonuses very frequently, which makes them a fantastic opportunity that creates many profits and thrilling emotions for the players using them.

Usually, the reload bonuses are not as generous as the other types of bonuses. However, on some of the platforms we mentioned who frequently give these bonuses, you can often encounter reload bonuses that can reach 100% on top of your initial deposit. The main benefit of the reload bonuses is that they come with very user-friendly wagering requirements, usually between 1x and 3x, creating fantastic opportunities that players are quickly exploiting. 

  • Cashbacks

Cashbacks are one of the promotions that usually aren’t as exciting as some of the previous ones we mentioned above. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not as valuable to the players. Practically, because they are not so entertaining, they are often neglected by many of the users of the sports betting platforms. But right now, you will understand why this is a crucial mistake you shouldn’t let yourself make.

The cashback promotions allow players to take back a specific percent of all the funds they have been wagering in a particular time frame. When we think about this more deeply, we understand that this will be a massive benefit in the long term, whether the promotions are not so exciting. Most of the BTC sports betting platforms usually have a cashback percent of 2-3%.

Still, others are very generous, and you can come across cashback offers that return up to 10% to the players, which is insanely profitable. Still, offers with a higher percent like this are usually for small time frames, but without a doubt, they are valuable, and as a sports betting lover, you have to pay more attention to these offers.

  • Loyalty Bonuses

As their name suggests, loyalty bonuses are available only for the long-term users of a particular sports betting platform. The exciting thing about these bonuses is that they can’t appear under a fixed category, like the previous bonuses above. We refer to loyalty bonuses as the different bonuses and promotions coming from the betting site in terms of exclusive offers or a VIP loyalty club.

In the first case, the betting site is sending exclusive bonuses to their loyal players. These bonuses can vary from different competitions to free bets, reload bonuses, and each type of bonus we covered above. But if the particular BTC betting platform offers a VIP club, things are a bit different.

Every VIP club has various perks that it brings to the players in it. These perks can be categorized as loyalty bonuses, and they include exclusive promotions, birthday gifts, frequent cashback, gifts sent to the home, event tickets, and many more. As you can see, depending on the sports betting platform you are playing and its capabilities, loyalty bonuses can prove to be the most exciting type of bonus you have ever claimed. 

In general, you can earn more or less the same bonuses at BTC sports betting sites that you get at fiat money bookies. The difference is that the former is more extensive and, in many cases, much easier to use.

The Best BTC Sports Betting Sites

What does a good Bitcoin betting sports site look like? Well, we can’t tell you which site is the best, but we can tell you what you should look for. First and foremost, a good BTC sports betting site should be fully licensed and regulated. The license is the first factor you need to check for. If you want a good experience, you’ll want to find a licensed bookie.

Second, you’ll need to ensure that the betting site you choose is fully safe and secure. SSL encryption is a must these days – any additional security software is a plus.

Of course, since it’s sports betting we’re talking about, you should definitely pay attention to the sports markets and odds. Most Bitcoin betting sites have great odds because of the crypto payments and lower margins.

A good bookie will have dozens of sports on offer along with hundreds of markets. These will always include football as well as basketball, tennis, cricket, horse racing, and motor racing among others.

UFC/MMA, boxing, and other sports will also be on offer, paired with markets that go beyond match winners and outrights. Handicaps, team and individual bets, and live markets are quite popular, allowing you to make a nice profit.

The best Bitcoin sports betting sites will feature a blog with news and expert tips and predictions that will help hopefully help you win more of your bet slips. Keep an eye on the odds too.

When choosing a betting site, you should shop for odds and find sites with the best value. Since you’re already investing money, why not get the best possible return? Shop for odds among our recommended BTC betting sites and find the best possible ones before you decide which one to pick.

Types of Wagers at Bitcoin Betting Sites

One of the biggest misconceptions around Bitcoin betting is that many people believe that the betting selection won’t be on the standard level since this invention is still in its beginning stages of development. Although this thinking is practically correct, we can say that the type of wagers you can place when engaging in gambling on any of these new platforms are far from limited. 

Just because you’ve picked a BTC sports betting site doesn’t mean the wagers are different. As a matter of fact, a Bitcoin bookie is just like a regular bookie, except for the fact that you’re using BTC to place bets. The wagers are the same – there’s literally no difference in the types of wagers you can place.

In some cases, we can even say that the new BTC betting platforms offer an even better wagering selection than the traditional betting sites. This might sound too good to be accurate, but it’s the information we present, based on the research of our professional team, with years of experience in the gambling industry. 

This means that you can go for straight bets, match winners, outrights, teasers, reverse bets, handicaps, totals, parlays, office pools, and everything else you can think of. Just like in a traditional online sports betting platform, you will be able to enjoy the whole specter of betting opportunities and exploit each sport you are betting on.

This leads us to our next point. The sports selection you can bet on these new BTC betting platforms can be much superior to the one you are used to in the traditional betting platforms. Although this is more individual to every sports betting platform, generally, we can say that the variety of sports you can enjoy on the crypto betting platforms is better.  

So, when you understand this is the case, there is just one way to go from here. Make a BTC deposit and use it just like you’d use cash.

Most Popular Sports to Bet on at Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

Football is the most popular sport globally, and that doesn’t change when it comes to BTC bookies. It’s the most popular sport at these sites as well, and as such, most punters will choose this market to bet on.

Football’s top leagues, competitions, and events include the:

  • Champions League
  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Serie A
  • Bundesliga
  • World Cup
  • Ligue 1
  • European Championships

Of course, football is one of the sports with many betting opportunities and competitions where you will always find incredible betting options. When it comes to basketball, which is also one of the most popular sports worldwide, the situation is altered. 

For many years, the attention of the basketball community has always been on the American National Basketball League (NBA). 

This championship is so competitive that there are always great betting opportunities for players to exploit among the fierce battles. On top of that, after the regular season, there are play-offs for determining the champion.

And if that is not enough, at the end of the season, there is an exhibition game between two newly created teams from the most anticipated players, voted by the fans. This game is called the All-star game, and it’s the most entertaining event in basketball every year. 

Needless to say, this event also contributes to the online betting scene with many opportunities that players can take advantage of. Still, the NBA might be the most entertaining, but it’s not the only option for basketball BTC sports betting. 

Other leagues consistently present many opportunities for the perfect bet chasers. Some of these leagues and competitions are: 

  • Euro League
  • Turkish Basketball Super League 
  • Russia United League
  • Spain Liga ACB
  • Germany Basketball Bundesliga
  • Italy Lega Basket Serie A

All of these leagues present great betting options for wagering lovers. However, it would be best to keep in mind that they usually start their regular season around Winter, and they are finishing in the Summer. 

If you’re not a footie or a basketball fan and you want to bet on something else, tennis, baseball, cricket, horse racing, and motorsports are excellent choices. 

All these sports are trendy to bet on these days, along with Esports. It’s an emerging market with plenty of competitions to bet on year-round, often coming with great odds in two.

Many bookies will offer other markets too that go beyond sports. While it may not be as popular as football, betting on politics and TV shows at BTC sports betting sites is fun. These markets are not as big as football, so they often can come with pretty great odds in tow.

We’ve made a great list of the most popular sports betting markets here at, allowing you to make the most out of your bets.

Is the Blockchain Safe for BTC Sports Betting?

Many of you will undoubtedly wonder if placing bets on the blockchain is as safe as doing it in a traditional online sports betting platform. If you understand the technology behind cryptocurrencies, this won’t even be a question. But we are here to explain everything as clearly as possible for you, so you understand the world of BTC sports betting just like you know every last detail regarding gambling on a conventional online platform.

Since the blockchain network was created a few years back, we can assume that its technology should be at least a bit more advanced than the one that the traditional gambling platforms are using.

First of all, this is partly true. However, the blockchain network wasn’t originally created to serve the online sports betting space. The goal behind creating this network was to make transactions much easier and secure for people worldwide. And this is why this network is equipped with unique technology that eliminates every third-party organization from every transaction.

This is possible because every process happens directly on the blockchain network, connected with users all the time. For a transaction to be processed on the blockchain network, it should be verified by at least two other users.

Generally, this means that the blockchain network behind BTC sports betting has one of the most advanced security measurements. Hence, the blockchain is much safer for betting than all of the traditional gambling platforms.

On top of all that, as another significant benefit, the players that engage in this new type of gambling can enjoy significantly reduced fees, especially when compared to the ones you will be charged when making a transaction on a regular sports betting site. As mentioned above, any third-party organizations are removed from the picture, as the blockchain network is operating alone.

Still, there are fees that you will pay, but they will be very close to nothing, and at least you will know that you are paying for the actual processing of your transaction, not for the profit of any third party.

Benefits of BTC Sports Betting Sites

There is a lot we can do for the benefits of BTC sports betting. It’s not by accident that this type of gambling has been thriving in the online gambling industry lately. Just like with every other thing, bettors find the whole concept of cryptocurrency betting like something unstable. Many even take things further to claim that the entire idea is a scam, and there is nothing that Bitcoin betting can bring to the table of the traditional online betting enthusiasts.

But all of these reactions are understandable, considering the world we live in. People should be skeptical about new ideas and opportunities, especially when it comes down to the online gambling industry. In the competitive gambling industry there are new options popping out daily, and for the average player is very challenging to choose from this abundance of betting sites.

Since most gamblers are taking the Bitcoin betting opportunity with a sense of skepticism, it’s interesting how this type of gambling has seen such massive growth lately. But as we already mentioned, this is mostly thanks to the fantastic benefits that this innovative type of gambling brings to the players.

Bitcoin sports betting is slowly but surely starting to get established in the online gambling space. Many gamblers are beginning to believe in the whole concept, and it seems that its future is very bright. Some online gambling experts go even further when claiming that Bitcoin betting is the future of the whole gambling industry.

This is a real possibility, considering the technology and structure of the cryptocurrencies, which are the core of BTC betting. As they are innovating in the sports betting space and other sectors and industries, it’s unbelievable how Bitcoin betting comes with so many different benefits and perks that players can take advantage of.

It’s finally time for us to present all of the benefits you can exploit as a sports betting enthusiast when joining any Bitcoin sports betting platform.

Of course, the different platforms will offer slightly different services, just like in the traditional online sports betting space. However, the core benefits of innovative Bitcoin betting remain the same, and you can enjoy them, no matter which platform you join.

  • Unmatched Privacy

In the digital world we live in, privacy is a huge concern for many people worldwide. Every day, there are more and more cases with stolen personal details, account passwords, and many more. This makes people very hesitant when sharing personal information, and online gambling platforms are not an exception. The sports betting sites understand that.

They are doing their best to provide the highest level of security for their players, so they can feel safe and secure when engaging in gambling activity or making a transaction. Without a doubt, this is a huge benefit, and usually, players don’t have any problems with their details.

However, there is always an underlying risk. These traditional gambling platforms need to use third-party organizations for many of their processes, including payments. But when it comes to the BTC sports betting platforms, the situation is drastically different.

We already mentioned that cryptocurrencies have a unique structure, which helps them make a significant change in the online gambling industry and other sectors. By taking full advantage of their foundation, the cryptocurrency betting platforms can go levels above the different gambling sites and provide players with one of the most secure environments for gambling enthusiasts online.

At their core, cryptocurrencies remove third-party organizations for all of their processes, guaranteeing a direct connection only between the users and the BTC sports betting platforms when implemented in the gambling space.
This means that the players are basically not sharing their sensitive information with any third-party organizations anymore.

That way, they can be entirely focused on their gambling experience and not worry about privacy when they are meant to enjoy a thrilling experience at any of these platforms. Additionally, this also means even better protection for the players’ transactions using BTC sports betting sites.

The unique technology behind cryptocurrencies is called the blockchain network. With its unique structure, every payment using the digital currency is made within the network of the connected users. That’s why when you are making a transaction with a Bitcoin betting platform.

The network requires at least two approvals from the computers of other users in the network, making a scam almost impossible to execute in any form, ensuring even better security of the players using the Bitcoin betting platforms. Generally, we can say that the BTC sports betting platforms are offering the most advanced security measurements and provide the safest environment for gambling online.

  • Bigger And Better Bonuses

As you already know from the information we provided above, cryptocurrency sports betting platforms are thriving lately, taking the whole gambling industry by storm. As this is opening up many opportunities, there are new platforms around every corner now.

In a fierce competition like this, these new sports betting platforms are implementing every possible strategy in the book to stand out from the rest and gain the attention of the new players. And one of the best and most effective ways that the Bitcoin sports betting platforms use to attract new players is by offering generous bonuses and promotions.

This is also very common among traditional sports betting platforms. However, because there are so many cryptocurrency betting sites, they take this matter a few steps further, creating fantastic opportunities for sports betting lovers. As the new sports betting platforms always compete, we can see bonuses becoming bigger and more generous towards new players.

Since all bookies offer extra cash, they’ve upped the offer to cover a more significant portion of your deposits. It’s not uncommon to find a 300% BTC first deposit bonus, which means you’ll triple your initial deposit, to begin with. This can only positively affect you, and there is nothing else you can do other than diving deep and taking full advantage of the opportunities presented by these platforms.

  • Smaller Processing Fees

The much lower processing fees are one of the perks of BTC sports betting that clearly illustrates how innovative and convenient this type of gambling is. If you have been in the online gambling scene for a while, you had probably felt the consequences of the fees that apply to every transaction you make, mainly when it comes to withdrawals.

This is one of the main things that differentiate the new type of BTC sports betting from traditional online gambling. When you are engaging in online gambling activity on any conventional online platform, you will experience a significant cut of your winnings only because of the fees applied from the particular platform.

The main reason behind this is the problem we mentioned many times above: the traditional online gambling platforms are working with many third-party organizations to run different processes across their whole gambling platforms, for example, withdrawals.

For an online gambling site to offer a good selection of payment options to its players, it has to cooperate with any third-party organizations, which is why sometimes there can be high fees applied to various payment processes. This is where the convenience and innovation of the Bitcoin platforms are shining the brightest.

As we already mentioned, Bitcoin operates on a unique venue that is called the blockchain network. Its main benefit is that it’s a decentralized system, and no one can influence it. This allows the Bitcoin sports betting sites to remove third-party organizations from their processes simply because they don’t need them.

This leads to much lower fees when it comes to the payments that the players are using. It will be interesting for you to understand that the fees you are paying in the Bitcoin sports betting sites are actually for processing your transaction.

This is one of the reasons why these new platforms are in demand among players in the gambling industry. Every process is transparent and convenient, and you don’t have to pay any third parties for a service you need to have by rights.

  • Faster Withdrawals

We had already revealed a lot from the blockchain network and how it operates to create the most secure environment for gamblers online. In the previous lines, we explained how the decentralized blockchain network behind Bitcoin reduces the fees applied to the players’ payment processes.

However, this is not the only benefit that the removal of any third-party organizations has on the payment processes of the Bitcoin sports betting sites’ players. We are talking about the processing time and finalizing of withdrawals. To understand how significant this benefit is in the Bitcoin betting platforms, we have to check out the average processing time of a withdrawal in a traditional betting platform.

Aside from the fastest available payment options of e-wallets, where the funds usually arrive after 24 hours of the processed request, players typically have to wait 2-3 days to receive their winnings in a traditional online sports betting platform.

But how will you react if we reveal that the withdrawals in the BTC sports betting platforms are instant? Yes, this is not a lie. All of the withdrawals you make in one of these innovative online gambling platforms will be processed almost instantly, as long as you use cryptocurrency.

The withdrawal times vary a bit, depending on the digital currency you choose. But in the case of a Bitcoin withdrawal, you can expect the funds to hit your account in less than 15 minutes. It can’t get more convenient than this.

As you already understand, the new and innovative BTC sports betting platforms are opening up a new realm of possibilities that players like you can easily exploit and enjoy the new upcoming standard of online gambling way before anyone else. That being said, there is no better time to hop up on the trend and take full advantage of the benefits we presented above.



BTC sports betting

BTC Sports Betting FAQs

Is it safe to bet with Bitcoin?

Yes, it is. As long as the betting site you choose is fully safe and secure, you shouldn’t have any doubts over placing bets with BTC.

Where can I buy cryptos to bet with?

Before you start betting with Bitcoin, you’ll need to buy coins from crypto exchanges. This is as simple as registering an account at one of these exchanges and using fiat money to buy the digital coins.

Is Bitcoin Sports Betting legal?

If Bitcoin is legal in your country, then it is perfectly safe to bet with it. However, this varies from one country to another. Cryptocurrencies such as BTC are not legal tender worldwide, but there aren’t many laws that specifically forbid you from using them to place bets online.

What sports can I bet on with BTC?

Everything you can think of. BTC sports betting is not different from regular sports betting – it’s just the payment method that differs.

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