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Online sports betting has become a popular pastime and a great way to generate some payouts. Bettors all over the world are engaging in secure wagering at leading sportsbooks and with great odds, super player promotions, and top payouts, there are some great returns being earned. Many who place bets on sports at an online site are using cryptocurrencies to conduct transactions. One of the popular and secure methods for BCH Sports Betting.


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Many of you might now be familiar with BCH sports betting, but this is one of the innovative types of betting taking on the online casino gambling industry by storm lately. But what makes this type of online gambling so different, and what is the difference between traditional online gambling most players are using?

The main difference between the two types of gambling is the use of currency. Instead of the fiat currency that the traditional casinos are using, the Bitcoin Cash betting platforms use cryptocurrency for all of their transactions.

Right now, you may be wondering who could want to move away from the stable fiat currency and dive deep into the unknown world of these digital currencies like Bitcoin Cash.

The truth that many players don’t understand is that traditional casinos had reached the border of a certain level they can’t possibly cross.

This was starting to get more and more evident after the hit of the virus when the majority of the world’s population was in quarantine. Therefore, the demand for online casino gambling services has risen exponentially.

This had a substantial positive impact on traditional online casinos but just to a certain point. After that, many players started to report different problems. It was clear that often the conventional casinos can’t keep up with this volume, especially in online gambling transactions.

The list with issues goes through stalled payments, incorrect payment details, glitches when using the different payment methods, and many more. In the past, there were speculations that fiat currency is going to collapse at some point, but this was one of the first times where this became visible in the online casino gambling industry.

After eliminating the problem that comes in the development of the whole online casino gambling industry, Bitcoin Cash betting is set up as the future of the online gambling scene.

We can claim that because we are familiar with all of the fantastic benefits and features players can take advantage of on these platforms. However, the scene is entirely different when these ideas are presented in front of many gamblers worldwide. Why is that?

Most gamblers are used to gambling in these traditional online casinos, and they don’t have the intention and motivation to move on from that, even if they face minor issues from time to time. Part of the problem is that the cryptocurrency industry is still relatively new.

As a result, people don’t fully understand its opportunities, especially when a cryptocurrency like BCH is integrated into the online casino gambling world with the Bitcoin Cash sports betting platforms.

To get rid of that problem, players have to get more familiar with the way cryptocurrencies work and understand how they can take advantage of the unique nature of Bitcoin Cash betting.

The cryptocurrency of Bitcoin Cash is not as popular as others but it does provide a way for any bettor to remain anonymous and to easily be able to place wagers at any licensed online sportsbook.

Here, we take a look at how Bitcoin Cash works and how you can start using this trusted method to conduct transactions at your preferred betting sites.

With BCH sports betting, you have the great ability to place secure bets without having to use a credit or debit card to fund an account. It is quickly becoming a leading choice for many worldwide and is accepted at some of the leading betting sites, so you are sure to have many options.

As we briefly mentioned above, our mission here at Sportsbetter is to present to the players all of the fantastic opportunities they can exploit when engaging in BCH sports betting in any of the platforms offering it. That’s the only way for the online casino gambling industry to move forward and get to that desired next level.

But if a regular online casino gambler looks at the cryptocurrency industry, it can be quickly overwhelmed by all the information out there.

In reality, the world of cryptocurrencies and how they work is complicated, and you can’t possibly understand it overnight, which is what most of the players are trying to do.

After they fail, they don’t even want to hear about cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin Cash sports betting again. But you don’t have to worry because there are two main reasons this won’t happen to you.

First of all, we are here to go along on this thrilling journey with you, and our gambling experts will show you the right direction so you can use the benefits of the BCH sports betting platforms.

Also, we present all of the information, so you won’t have any difficulties in understanding all of the necessary steps for your Bitcoin Cash betting adventure to proceed well.

The second fact is that you don’t need to understand the technical side of Bitcoin Cash to take full advantage of the opportunities that gambling in a Bitcoin Cash sports betting platform provides.

We will dive deep into the actual gambling processes like joining these platforms, covering the payments section, and all of the different things you may encounter while gambling on any of these platforms. So please take a deep breath, and dive deep into these innovative Bitcoin Cash gambling experience with us.

What is BCH Sports Betting?

Bitcoin Cash is a lesser-known cryptocurrency that was created as a fork of Bitcoin in 2017. The purpose of developing this cryptocurrency was to increase the size of blocks used to allow for more transactions to be conducted in a single block. The change in the block size compared to what is used by Bitcoin enabled users to perform daily transactions and improve scalability.

One of the issues that were being dealt with by users who were using Bitcoin was the speed of transactions. With so many users, it often took up to an hour for the completion of a transaction. By creating the Bitcoin Cash fork, blocks are now created faster, and transactions are processed almost instantly. The block size was increased from 2MB to 8MB.

But what makes Bitcoin cash one of the perfect fits for the new and thrilling BCH betting platforms is the digital coin price. Of course, when it comes to reliability, people will always choose one of the biggest cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

However, Bitcoin cash is much easier to use because of its price and considering there aren’t so many people using it, and the transactions are lightning-fast. This is always a fantastic benefit as you will probably make many transactions in and out of the Bitcoin Cash Betting platforms. 

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Cash Sports Betting

The image presents the pros and cons of BCH sports betting

If you are one that wants to enjoy the thrills of online sports betting, you should consider using Bitcoin Cash as your preferred baking option. There are some great advantages to bitcoin cash betting and we provide you with some of the main points here.

You will quickly see why many have chosen to engage in bitcoin cash sports betting instead of using other payment methods to fund and manage online accounts.

  • Blocks can be generated faster
  • Bitcoin Cash makes speed a priority over decentralization
  • Bitcoin Cash is one of the more valuable cryptocurrencies being used
  • You can enjoy 100% anonymity when using Bitcoin Cash at sports betting sites
  • Compared to fiat currencies, you can deposit smaller amounts
  • You will find exclusive Bitcoin Cash sports betting bonuses and promotions
  • Bitcoin Cash can be used in countries where laws restrict payments to online betting sites

These benefits are just a few of the reasons that BCH sports betting has become so popular. With instant transactions, anonymous betting, and the ability to gamble at many offshore sites, this crypto has quickly become a leading choice for bettors who want to enjoy secure access and safe payments at online sportsbooks.

While there are some great advantages to bitcoin cash betting, there are also some drawbacks. Before you signup at any sports betting site with the plan to use this payment option, be sure to review the drawbacks we have listed here. We want to make sure you have all the information needed to make an educated decision on whether BTC sports betting is the right option.

  • Bitcoin Cash investors will find this to be riskier and more volatile than other cryptocurrencies
  • The acceptance of BCH is lower in comparison to Bitcoin
  • Not many bitcoin cash betting sites are operating
  • Like Bitcoin, the value of BCH fluctuates and combined with gambling, could result in larger losses
  • BCH sports betting sites do not require a license to operate

There is no single perfect banking option, but bitcoin cash sports betting does provide many more benefits than it has drawbacks. If you are looking to enjoy a safe and secure betting experience, be sure to check out what leading BCH sports betting sites have to offer. You will be able to securely and quickly conduct transactions and enjoy wagering on all of your favorite sports!

How to Get BCH?

Generally, people who are just entering the world of cryptocurrency think that everything is super complex. And at first glance, it really is. You have to consider all of the different coins, how every blockchain network is operating, or the places where you can purchase cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin cash betting. 

All that comes a bit too much for everyone who has just been introduced to the crypto world. However, you don’t have to worry because all of this seems more complicated than it actually is.

In reality, getting BCH to fund your potential BCH sports betting adventures is not an overly complicated task. The cryptocurrency world is overgrowing, and there are new cryptocurrency exchanges every day where you can buy BCH and store it in your crypto wallet to use at leading betting sites. 

However, not every online cryptocurrency exchange will have BCH available for you to buy. BCH is a big cryptocurrency, but still, it’s getting adopted by many people and companies just recently, so not every online crypto exchange will have the option for you to buy it for Bitcoin cash sports betting. 

Some of the exchanges where you can purchase Bitcoin cash are GDAX, Kraken, Coinbase, and Cex.io. All of the other cryptocurrency exchanges will not allow you to freely purchase Bitcoin cash, unless you exchange Bitcoin, Tether, or Ether for it. 

We briefly mentioned it in the lines above, but before you get to BCH or even LTC Sports Betting, you have to buy some BCH and store it in a wallet. There are numerous types of different cryptocurrency wallets you can use. Every kind of wallet has its characteristics and benefits that provide. 

That being said, we should dive deeper into every type of cryptocurrency wallet so you can choose the one that suits your needs best. 

Before we go through every type of crypto wallet, we have to address that every wallet has its own private key, no matter its type and characteristics. A private key is like the password to your wallet. Everyone who knows this password will automatically have access to your wallet and, respectively, your funds. 

That’s why it’s your most important job to store your password in a secure place, no matter if for you this is your phone, personal computer, or even written on a paper page. 

Without further ado, let’s get right into every type of cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Mobile WalletsConsidering the mobile age we live in, mobile cryptocurrency wallets are one of the best ways to store your BCH to use for Bitcoin cash betting. There are numerous options out there, but the most convenient one for you will be to enter Google Play or Apple Store and choose one of the crypto wallets there. Then, you have to download, install it, and you are all set!
  • Software Wallets – This wallet will be installed on a computer and will allow online access to your funds. The most commonly used software wallet is Exodus, but there are also other options that are safe secure, and effective.
  • Hardware Wallets – Manage your coins from a physical device. These wallets are similar to digital bank accounts, allowing you to send receive, and manage your cryptocurrencies. There are physical devices that are similar to a USB stick and can be used on any device with a supported port. This is one of the safest options available.

Using BCH Sports Betting

You will find quite a few reliable and respected betting sites that will allow you to use Bitcoin Cash to engage in wagering. Online betting sites that support this method will accept bettors from all areas of the world and will also offer some incredible bonuses for those that are just getting started.

If you are looking to get in on the action of BCH sports betting, just follow these simple steps. Within minutes, you will have a new account and a trusted betting site and can start wagering for real money payouts.

  • Compare and review some of the top-rated sportsbooks to find those that allow transactions using Bitcoin Cash. While the list will not be as extensive as those supporting standard currencies. You can find some amazing betting sites that feature the best odds and member perks.
  • Once you have selected a site, you will have to create a new member account. Complete the registration process just as you would at any other online gambling site.
  • After opening a new account, you will conduct your deposit using BCH. This is the same as depositing using Bitcoin or Litecoin. Just send the funds from your wallet to the address provided by your selected sportsbook. Once confirmed, the Bitcoin Cash will be available in the account and can be used to place wagers.

Finding the Best Bitcoin Cash Sports Betting Sites

Once you are ready to start betting at online sites using this cryptocurrency, you will have to find the best site to meet your needs. Online sites that accept cryptocurrencies are not required to hold licenses or meet the same regulations as sites supporting fiat currencies. Due to this, it is important to take time to research a site completely before creating an account and making any deposit.

By not doing proper research there is a high risk of sending funds to scam sites or those with unreliable payouts. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a bitcoin cash betting site.

  • Ensure the site is licensed and regulated
  • Choose a site with a long-standing reputation
  • Be sure customer support is available 24-hours a day
  • Ensure the sports you enjoy are supported and check on bet types offered
  • Select sites with a welcome bonus when making the first deposit

Benefit from Bonus Offers for BCH Sports Betting

When you engage in bitcoin cash betting, you will find that many sportsbooks will provide some handsome bonuses and promotions for new and returning members. As you compare different sites, it is important to check out the standard welcome bonus as well as ongoing offers that are presented.

The best betting sites will update the promotions regularly, offering new and rewarding deals daily, weekly, and monthly.

The most trusted sportsbooks in the industry will always have a great welcome deal. This is presented to members who have just created an account and are making the first deposit. At BCH sports betting sites, members will find that many of these sites will offer higher paying bonuses when using a cryptocurrency to deposit.

Instead of earning a 100% match up to $500 when depositing using traditional methods, the site may offer a 100% match up to $1000 when depositing using cryptocurrencies.

After taking advantage of the welcome offer, you will find many other deals that can boost the account balance or even offer free bets on your favorite sports. Many of the reputable sites online will have reload deals, which are similar to the welcome offer.

With these, you can earn a match bonus when adding funds to an existing account. There may also be other deals like cashback on losses, referral rewards, and special free bet offers when making a qualifying deposit.

One thing to look at before claiming any bonus is the rollover requirements in place. Every sportsbook will have these. This is the amount that must be wagered before you can cashout any funds won using bonus funds. When choosing betting sites, try to find those that have the lowest requirements so you can enjoy your winnings while spending less.

Same Day Payouts

One of the main advantages to betting at a BCH sports betting site is the ability to withdraw your payouts on the same day. No other banking method aside from other cryptocurrencies will allow for this. Most traditional banking methods will take up to 5 days for your withdrawal request to be processed and completed.

In addition to being able to quickly receive your payouts, the deposit and withdrawal limits when using this crypto are higher than with other methods of banking. There are also no added fees. Withdrawals will usually be processed and completed within 15 to 30 minutes.

For those that are avid bettors ad place many wagers daily, the ability to quickly withdraw winnings is a huge benefit, which is one more reason that many are turning their attention to the top-rated Bitcoin Cash sports betting sites operating today.

Wrapping It Up

With so many people enjoying the thrills of online sports betting, sites that support cryptocurrency are becoming a leading choice. When you visit any BCH sports betting site, you will have access to the full range of betting options. This means you can wager on all sports listed and will be able to place any type of supported bet. Just like betting with traditional currency, bets like moneylines, tearers, parlays, totals, and more will be supported.

When you bet at any bitcoin cash betting site, you will have extreme protection in place. Licensed sites always process transactions using SSL encryption software, but you will also benefit from blockchain technology that prevents funds and transactions from being tampered with or altered. These sites offer top paying bonuses and promotions to enhance the experience and offer more ways to place winning wagers.

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