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In today’s world, which is continually getting more and more digitized, it can’t be surprising for many people that cryptocurrencies are taking the financial world by storm. At their core, cryptocurrencies are a store of digital value, replacing the outdated fiat currencies ideally. But the great thing about these cryptocurrencies is that they have quite the arsenal and can offer many different benefits and opportunities beyond the simple financial transactions most people make.


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This is perfectly visible in one of the hottest industries at the moment. But, of course, we are talking about the online gambling world, which is an object of increasing demand for services like this, and in general, the whole online betting industry is expanding.

Looking at things objectively, we can say there are many reasons for that to happen. But one of the main reasons for that growth is indeed cryptocurrencies. These digital stores of value are perfectly implemented to create an unforgivable online gambling adventure for the players in the so-called ETH sports betting platforms.

In the past couple of years, cryptocurrencies have become a big part of online betting. While the number of crypto betting sites is still not as large as fiat money bookies, it is constantly growing.

We’re not just talking about Bitcoin betting. ETH sports betting sites are pretty popular as well thanks to the great opportunities the unique digital coin offers.

When talking about cryptocurrency in general, in most people’s minds who have some knowledge about this industry will immediately pop up the likes of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the scene, and it holds a significant part of the market.

But the second-biggest cryptocurrency that by no means is worse in any way stands Ethereum. For online gambling, we can say that Ethereum might have some edge over Bitcoin, which is why the Ethereum sports betting sites are starting to get so popular.

Ethereum remains one of the best banking options at crypto betting sites these days. Once considered Bitcoin’s successor, it’s fair to say that it didn’t reach those expectations, but carved out a niche of its own. Thanks to the backing of massive software companies, Ethereum has become quite a great BTC alternative.

It’s now seeing the height of its popularity thanks to the stable price and the open-source platform. Ethereum betting sites definitely play a role in its increased popularity after arriving at the market a few years back.

Also, as we already mentioned above, Ethereum might prove to be an even better option than Bitcoin for online gambling. One of the reasons for that is the lower price of Ethereum over Bitcoin.

This allows players to obtain much more of the cryptocurrency, which is perfect for small, daily transactions, which will be the ones in any Ethereum betting sites. But we won’t go into greater detail about this because we will dive deep into all of the benefits you will enjoy in these new betting platforms.

As the world of cryptocurrency is relatively new, there are still many people who do not have the same level of trust as fiat currency. But when we look at this objectively, we can see that this will be only temporary, and in the likes of the ETH sports betting platforms, we see the face of the online gambling future.

You may be surprised by a bold claim like this, but after you understand all of the opportunities this kind of online betting provides, you will never look back again.

But to do that, you have to learn the correct information about Ethereum betting, which is simply presented so everyone can understand it easily. But we can assure you you don’t have to worry about something like this.

Here at, you will learn all of the essential things you must know about the Ethereum sports betting sites. But the good news does not stop here. On top of the necessary knowledge you will gain here, our experts’ team will present a list of the best online betting platforms of this kind.

When you explore this list with the best ETH sports betting platforms, you will be looking at tons of research from experienced professionals in the online sports betting industry. By choosing from the options we provide in this list, you can be assured you will get the best possible sports betting experience online.

And on top of that, you will enjoy the fantastic benefits and reach new highs by taking advantage of the opportunities cryptocurrencies provide in the online gambling industry.

The only thing you will have to do is sift through our list and choose the platform that fits your taste. To make this process even easier and more convenient for you, we had mentioned some of the most vital benefits for every Ethereum sports betting platform.

We had presented all of them as bullet points so you can quickly scan them and choose the option that aligns with your gambling needs and preferences best. So, don’t waste any second. Blaze through the following lines to become your own Ethereum betting expert today.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a digital coin based on an open-source platform. As such, anybody can contribute to it. Developers constantly create so-called Dapps (decentralized apps) that operate on the Ethereum platform.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum revolves around its own cryptocurrency – Ether. ETH fuels the currency and allows for various secure apps and contracts. Thanks to this, Ethereum’s variety of uses is unmatched. The versatility of this unique cryptocurrency is further bolstered by its own programming language.

Just like other cryptos, you can use it at ETH sports betting sites for fully anonymous deposits and withdrawals. It’s a secure way to place bets online, especially when you choose a proper Ethereum sports betting site.

If you’re looking for such a site, you’re in luck. Here at we have listed the top betting sites with ETH with the largest choice of sports markets and fantastic odds.

How to Bet with ETH

Most punters these days will rather choose credit or debit cards or e-wallets since they’re most comfortable in using them. They’re also put off by cryptocurrencies thinking they’re hard to handle. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. As a matter of fact, betting with Ethereum might be even easier.

  • Step #1: buy ETH with a fiat currency such as USD or EUR. You can do this at secure crypto exchanges in a second. Once you exchange your money for ETH, the next step is to store your amount in a wallet;
  • Step #2: you can keep your fresh ETH amount on an exchange or create your own ETH wallet online. The latter will give you full option over your cryptos and is easier to handle. Cold wallets in the form of physical devices are most secure but harder to use online;
  • Step #3: join an Ethereum betting site. All you need to do is check out our recommended ETH bookies and make your pick.
  • Step #4: use your crypto wallet to deposit ETH into your account and start betting.

Where to Bet with Ethereum?

Before you start betting with the popular cryptocurrency, you’ll have to find a proper site. Unfortunately, not all ETH sports betting sites are the same. The good news is that you don’t have to waste hours of your free time looking for the best Ethereum betting sites – they’re already here at

Our team of experts has worked hard to deliver the best possible bookies with ETH so you don’t have to look for them yourself. All of the bookmakers on our list are fully licensed and secure and feature top sports markets with industry-leading odds.

Of course, they all accept Ethereum, some in combination with fiat currencies and other cryptos, others focusing on cryptocurrencies only.

Ethereum Sports Betting Sites

After you understand the many benefits ETH sports betting provides, it’s time for the next step. You have to find the right Ethereum sports betting sites. 

However, this is easier said than done. 

Before you decide to register into any site, you have to do extensive research to find a site that will satisfy your gambling needs and preferences and provide you with a safe environment where you can enjoy your wagers. 

But you don’t have to worry about that. You don’t have to go through the prolonged process of doing this. Our team of experts has already done that task to provide you with the best Ethereum sports betting sites in the gambling industry! 

However, before you take a look at the list that our team has compiled, you have to get familiar with the types of Ethereum betting sites and their benefits. 

As we already mentioned at the beginning, there are two main types of Ethereum sports betting sites. The first type of Ethereum betting sites are the so-called crypto fans betting sites. These sites are entirely based on cryptocurrencies and do not accept fiat currencies as payment methods. 

The other type of Ethereum betting sites are the traditional betting sites that have added cryptocurrencies to their payment options. That way, these Ethereum betting sites are accepting both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies as payment options, which may be very convenient for some players. 

We can’t tell you which one is better, but each one has its benefits.

In the crypto fans betting sites, you will enjoy a site fully operating in cryptocurrencies. Crypto lovers will definitely appreciate this fact. These sites are giving you much more freedom with the cryptocurrencies you want to bet with. 

Their selection of available cryptocurrencies is much more extended than the one at traditional betting sites. In a way, we can consider the customer support of these sites much more tech-savvy, which will help you if you have any problem with your Ethereum betting transactions. 

With traditional casinos that accept cryptocurrencies for betting, there is one advantage that will benefit the bettors who prefer the classic approach. These sites have been established for years.

Hence, they are perfect for gamblers that want to try something new but don’t want to change the scenery too drastically. By providing services like these, the traditional sites allow these players to try the perks that Ethereum sports betting offers.

ETH Sports Betting Bonuses and Promotions

One of the best features of ETH sports betting sites are undoubtedly the bonuses and promotions. Crypto bonuses are much bigger than the bonuses you earn at fiat money bookies. ETH bookies are looking to snatch away customers from fiat money competitors, and they can only do that by offering bigger and better bonuses.

And bigger and better they certainly are. It’s not uncommon to find an Ethereum betting site that offers a massive 300% welcome bonus. This means that you’ll get a lot more extra cryptos than you were hoping for, compared to fiat money bookies that usually offer a free bet or 100% first deposit match bonus.

Before getting your hands on a bonus, you’ll need to take a look at the wagering requirements (and the full set of terms and conditions). We can safely say that the wagering at the ETH sports betting sites on our list are fair, so you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble completing them. But, still, you should take a look at the terms and see if they’re fair.

The Best ETH Sports Betting Sites

The best Ethereum sports betting sites you can find here on this page have only been ranked after a thorough review process.

Our team dissects them to the tiniest detail, and it all begins with the license. If a bookie isn’t licensed, it doesn’t belong on our list. You can rest assured that our picks are safe and regulated, so you don’t have to worry about things going awry.

A good Ethereum betting site will also offer top bonuses and a wide range of sports markets to bet on. Just football isn’t enough. It may be the biggest sport in the world, but there are other exciting markets to try. The more sports markets are on offer, the better.

Of course, our recommended bookies also have great odds. You’ll be getting the best value for your money, especially on obscure markets. Make sure to explore the collection of sports before deciding where your ETHs go – there are plenty of options.

Our favorite Ethereum sports betting sites here at are also “armed” with great customer support. As a new player, you might have a question about the whole process, and the teams at each site will be more than happy to help in any way they can.

What Sports Can I Bet on with Ethereum?

Football is the most popular sport in the world to bet on no matter the bookie. Ethereum betting fans can enjoy a wide range of football leagues, competitions, and tournaments at the best ETH bookies. These will certainly include the Premier League, Champions League, and the major leagues from around Europe.

Aside from football, ETH bookmakers also offer a wide range of other sports that are equally exciting to bet on. You can bet with the cryptocurrency on basketball, tennis, motor racing, UFC/MMA, boxing, and many other sports. Esports is an emerging market as well and you should definitely give it a try thanks to the great odds.

You can place a bet on the most popular CS:GO, DOTA 2, LoL, WoW, and CoD tournaments in the world and win a bunch of ETH in return. It’s a market that you should definitely give a try considering how options there are on offer and how high the odds are.

Some ETH sports betting sites will offer markets that go beyond sports. Many of our recommended bookies offer betting on political events, TV shows, and other types of award shows which might sound strange, but offer great value for your money.

Ethereum Bets

Many people have false expectations from the beginning when they hear about the new, thrilling opportunity of ETH sports betting. For example, they understand from several sources that cryptocurrencies are complicated, and they are based on very complex technologies like blockchain.

This immediately creates an expectation in the players that Ethereum betting will be challenging, and they have to go through a learning process to enjoy this type of gambling successfully at the different betting platforms. But we are here to clear all misconceptions connected to the Ethereum sports betting industry.

As you will understand from the following lines, the truth about Ethereum betting is very different from all of the misconceptions circulating in the online gambling industry. Here at Sportsbetter, you will not only understand all of the fantastic benefits of this type of betting, but you will also take a sneak peek into many tricks and ways you can maximize your profits when betting with cryptocurrency.

But before that, we have to shed more light on the Ethereum bets and why most people discussing them are spreading misleading information. The truth is that betting with Ethereum doesn’t differ from the traditional online gambling you have been engaging in year after year, up until now. You are not sure whether to believe us?

In terms of bet types, betting with Ethereum doesn’t differ from the usual. You can still place the same bets, meaning outrights, match winners, over/under, totals, team and individual bets, and whatnot else. All of them are available in pre-match and live betting markets, so you won’t find it hard to place the bets you know and love.

Thanks to the regular bet types, you shouldn’t find it hard to bet with Ethereum even if you’re completely new to Ethereum sports betting. You can still place familiar bets on your favorite teams and competitions and hopefully win a bunch of ETH in return. We don’t only offer ETh sports betting, but also BTC sports betting.

Live Ethereum Sports Betting

Live betting is all the rage right now and there are plenty of reasons for it. You can bet with Ethereum on live matches and enjoy all the advantages it offers. Unlike pre-match bets, live betting offers unique thrills that can’t be compared to anything else.

Rushing to place a bet on all those live markets is pretty exciting, and in many cases, much more profitable than betting on pre-match odds.

Some live betting markets offer amazing payouts. For example, it’s not very easy to predict which player gets the next yellow or red card in a football match, so the payout for this particular market is often pretty attractive. If the bookie has added live streaming to its live betting platform, things will be even better.

Thanks to live streaming, you’ll be able to watch the matches you bet on and pay attention to the finer details. Armed with the knowledge of which team has the current advantage, you can place better live bets and hopefully win a nice cache of ETH in return. Just make sure to react fast since the momentum in live betting swings by the second.

All of our recommended bookies have a live statistics center built into their live betting platforms that will allow you to track changes momentarily. Make sure to read tips and predictions too, and you can become a pretty good live punter. You can do some LTC Sports Betting if you don’t have ETH.

Pros and Cons of Betting with ETH

Just like with any cryptocurrency, there are pros and cons to Ethereum betting. Let’s start with the positive sides first.


  • Betting with Ethereum offers full anonymity. You won’t need to enter personal data when you place bets with it or provide proof of identity. This is one of the main advantages of betting with Ethereum – transactions made safe from prying eyes;
  • Speed is another factor that makes ETH sports betting so popular. While some e-wallets are fast, nothing beats cryptos in terms of deposit and withdrawal speed times. Most betting sites will offer instant deposits/withdrawals, or 24-48 hours processing times at the most. This is extremely fast especially when compared to traditional payment methods;
  • There are no hidden costs when you bet with Ethereum online. While bank transfers and other methods may come with a small fee attached, ETH deposits and withdrawals are 100% free.


  • Ethereum is a great altcoin, yet it’s still virtually unknown to many punters. It’s not on the same level as Bitcoin, and that may put some people off;
  • Although it’s a cryptocurrency on the rise, the number of Ethereum sports betting sites is still lower than the number of BTC bookies. It will certainly rise in the future, but for now, you only get a handful of bookies.

ETH sports betting

ETH Sports Betting FAQ

Is ETH sports betting safe?

Yes, betting is ETH is perfectly safe. Your safety and security depend on the safety of the ETH bookie itself. Thanks to our picks, you can be sure that you’ll be betting at fully safe and secure Ethereum betting sites.

Is betting with Ethereum legal?

As long as you’re legally allowed to place bets at online bookies, you can use ETH just like fiat money. You’ll have to exchange cash for cryptos first, but after that, you’re free to bet with Ethereum at your bookie of choice.

What’s the best Ethereum sports betting site?

We don’t have a favorite when it comes to ETH sports betting sites. Each one is unique on its own. A good ETH bookie will be licensed and legal, offer a bunch of bonuses and promotions and have dozens of sports and thousands of sports markets. All of that should also come paired with odds that provide great value for your money.

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