LTC Sports Betting

The online casino gambling industry is a place that offers many opportunities for each type of gambler out there. The online gambling world has been consistently improving in the last decade. But just when we assumed we reached the top of this development, a new type of online casino gambling platform took the gambling scene by storm. You may have already heard about the latest and innovative LTC sports betting platforms if you are not new to online casino gambling.

If you love to bet on sports online, you probably know that crypto betting sites are pretty hot right now. While the majority are focused on Bitcoin, there are many which offer LTC sports betting. Litecoin is an altcoin that’s a pretty great alternative for Bitcoin, with experts citing the open-source platform as its main highlight.

While new, Litecoin betting is already making waves in the online sports betting community. The digital currency offers neck-breaking transaction times as well as safe and secure deposits and withdrawals stored on the blockchain.


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What makes the Litecoin gambling sites stand out is the use of cryptocurrency instead of the traditional fiat currency used in most casinos online. But some of you may wonder what exactly cryptocurrency is?

Cryptocurrencies are similar to conventional money, with the main difference that crypto operates entirely online, and everyone can hold it in the so-called digital wallets. Many people are starting to use cryptocurrencies like Litecoin because of the fantastic benefits it provides.

That’s also one of the main reasons why these new gambling platforms offer the opportunity to integrate the fantastic perks and functions of LTC into Litecoin sports betting.

Which, to be honest, came at the perfect moment because we started to see signs that we had reached the top of development for online casino gambling, and there is nothing more we can do to provide players with a gambling experience on another level.

By looking back, we can say the fiat currencies were the component bringing the rest of the casino sections down. But the solution is present now in the likes of LTC sports betting platforms.

For the new players getting into the online casino gambling scene, it will be effortless to accept these benefits of Litecoin gambling and use them to their fullest. The reason behind that is these players have never used traditional casinos before and don’t have integrated beliefs and values connected to them.

This is very interesting, and in reality, it presents one of the problems for the Litecoin sports betting platforms. As most of the players, one way or another, are used to playing online gambling with fiat currency, it will be challenging for them to accept something different so fast.

The main reason behind this is that many players, especially the veteran ones, have been just getting used to online casino gambling, and then something innovative like Litecoin gambling comes up. Many gamblers like the comfort that fiat currencies provide, and they won’t be adapting to the new changes that the Litecoin gambling platforms offer out of the blue.

But we have to look objectively into the situation to understand why the LTC sports betting platforms are a much better solution and an excellent investment for the future.

Are fiat currencies so safe as most players think? By exploring the concepts of fiat online transactions, we can say that fiat currencies are the safest financial transaction method are entirely false and misleading.

The problem was that there was no other option at that moment, and that’s why most people believe that fiat transactions are impenetrable. In reality, that’s far from the truth.

With the constant development of technologies, many things made fiat transactions in casinos relatively safe. But the same is true if we look at things from the other side.

Questionable individuals are getting more resources in terms of technology, and it’s not a guarantee that the fiat transaction you initiate tomorrow will reach its destination. That’s why the invention of the LTC sports betting platforms is so vital.

On the other hand, Litecoin sports betting can prove to be one of the safest activities you can engage in online. Do you probably wonder how this event is possible? The secret lies in the technology behind every cryptocurrency, including Litecoin.

Litecoin counts on blockchain technology for all of the gambling transactions in an LTC sports betting platform. Thanks to its unique nature, blockchain technology offers players the most secure way to make transactions anywhere in the world.

This means that there will be no more country payment restrictions from your traditional online casinos. Moreover, you will be able to receive your winnings in a flash without having to worry about the security of your transaction and personal details. Of course, you might still be a little bit confused about how all of this is possible. But don’t worry, in the following lines, we will dive deep into every concept of Litecoin gambling and explain it in detail.

Where Can I Bet with Litecoin?

There are plenty of betting sites that accept Litecoin for wagers these days. You can place bets with LTC quite easily – all you need to do is buy some at a crypto exchange and start betting.

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got your back. Here at, you’ll find a great collection of bookies where you can use Litecoin to place bets on your favorite teams.

All of the bookies on our site are 100% legit. They’ve been ranked and reviewed by our team of experts after a thorough inspection of all the nooks and crannies. They leave no stone unturned when reviewing Litecoin sports betting sites, so you’re left with a list of bookmakers with LTC you can trust.

They feature the most popular sports competitions and events and a load of markets you surely know and love. All of this is paired with excellent odds and a slew of bonuses and promotions that will fill your pockets even before you start betting.

How to do LTC Sports Betting?

Betting with Litecoin is easy, but different than betting with fiat money. The first thing you’ll need to do is find a good cryptocurrency exchange and register at it. You will use this platform to buy LTC that you can later use at our recommended LTC sports betting sites.

After you’ve created an account at the exchange, it’s time to convert cash to crypto coins. If you already own Litecoins, you can skip the exchange and bet with them directly at the bookie. If you don’t, you can buy them using fiat money at an exchange, then store them in digital wallets to use them for Litecoin betting.

While on the subject of digital wallets, there are two kinds you should take note of. The first ones are hot wallets, or online storage ‘devices’ which will allow you to use your Litecoin stash with ease. These devices are secured with SSL encryption and other security measures, but are generally considered less safe than cold wallets.

Cold wallets, on the other hand, are physical storage devices that can store your LTC stash. These are offline, of course, so you’ll have to connect the USB or hard drive to your computer to access your Litecoins.

While much safer, using cold wallets is not that convenient for LTC sports betting. Still, if you value security and safety above anything else, you will get yourself a cold wallet.

As soon as your Litecoins are in your wallet, you can register at one of the Litecoin betting sites on our list and start betting.

Types of Litecoin Sports Betting Sites

When it comes to crypto betting sites, they either accept fiat money and cryptocurrencies or go crypto only. The latter are rare, but also better for crypto owners, including Litecoin enthusiasts. A betting site that’s fully focused on cryptos means that it may offer much bigger and better deals and crypto-specific bonuses and promotions.

Whoever’s tried betting with Litecoin, knows that these bonuses can get pretty big. Where regular betting sites offer 100% deposit bonuses, LTC sports betting sites can offer 300% or more. Other crypto promotions can also boost your bankroll like nothing else, giving you a chance to bet more and hopefully win more often.

LTC Sports Betting Bonuses & Promotions

In general, LTC sports betting and cryptocurrency betting is getting much more popular in the last few years. That’s because many people love innovations, and cryptocurrencies are often labeled as the future of money. However, this is not without a good reason. 

Litecoin sports betting provides gamblers with many benefits that they cannot experience in the traditional online gambling world. We would dive deep into all of the benefits that Litecoin betting offers later. For now, we will take a look at one of the significant advantages that Litecoin sports betting gives players. 

It’s still relatively early for cryptocurrencies like Litecoin to receive mass adoption. That’s why many people right now are living with the misconception that Litecoin betting is a new thing, and it can’t compare with betting in a traditional online bookmaker. 

However, as we mentioned, LTC sports betting offers many more benefits than conventional betting, so this can’t be farther from the truth. To understand all of that better, we will give you an example by reviewing the LTC betting site’s bonuses and promotions. 

What are the welcome bonuses that the traditional betting bookmakers are usually offering? We are talking about bonuses ranging from 100% to 150% or, in very rare cases, reaching 200%. Looking at that individually we can say that these bonuses are rather attractive. 

However, when we look at the Litecoin gambling world’s bonuses, our perspective switches drastically. 

Usually, the dividends from Litecoin betting sites are much bigger than the ones using fiat currencies. To illustrate this example a little better, we can say that it’s not uncommon for an LTC sports betting site to offer welcome bonuses that vary from 300% to 400%.

And that’s the Litecoin betting industry’s standard. Of course, there are some exceptions with sites that can go even higher with their bonuses. 

The differences are enormous, so as a gambler, with bonuses and promotions like these, you will be able to cover all of the Litecoin sports betting markets you always wanted to try but didn’t have the spare free funds to go for.

Of course, all bonuses, including LTC freebies, come with a pre-determined set of requirements. this means that you’ll need to complete the wagering requirements on time.

The LTC sports betting sites we recommend here at all offer fair wagering and other bonus terms, so you’ll have a chance to complete them with ease and get your winnings.

If you’ve already made a choice and registered at a Litecoin betting site, make sure not to miss the promotions section. There will certainly be surprising freebies you can get your hands on.

Top Litecoin Sports Betting Sites

Punters have their own preferences when it comes to betting sites. Some are interested in the free bets and bonuses, others want a superior betting experience with a host of markets and great odds. We can’t tell you what the best LTC sports betting site is, but we do have a pretty clear idea of what it should look like.

The sites we recommend here at have been handpicked by our team of experts. They rank high in all the criteria we believe a good Litecoin betting site should have. This includes top betting markets, great odds, a fantastic range of bonuses and promotions, and of course, a fully safe and secure betting environment.

You can trust these bookies to offer a fully legit experience. No need to wander the Internet looking for the top Litecoin sports betting sites – they’re already here in one spot.

Our experts have done the hard work so you don’t have to, so pick one and enjoy betting with your stash of LTC. If you don’t have LTC, you can do some BTC Sports Betting.

What Can I Bet on at LTC Betting Sites?

LTC betting sites are not different than fiat money bookies. It’s the payments that differ – everything else remains the same. This means that if you’ve ever placed a bet online, you shouldn’t have trouble doing the same at Litecoin sports betting sites.

Football is often the main focus at LTC betting sites. They offer a multitude of markets related to the most popular sport in the world, including major competitions such as the Premier League and Champions League.

The World Cup is heavily featured too. Minor leagues and competitions from Europe and all over the world are also featured, so if you’re a footie fan, you shouldn’t have trouble to find something to bet on.

Besides football, you have plenty of other sports markets to choose from. As the most popular basketball league in the world, the NBA is prominently featured at the top LTC sports betting sites. Tennis, motor racing, Formula One markets, and UFC/MMA/boxing, are also quite popular among punters.

There are even markets which aren’t tied to sports but are also heavily featured. For example, many Litecoin betting sites offer politics and TV shows markets which represent a great way to take a break from sports betting. The odds are excellent too since these markets aren’t as big as football.

The majority of our recommended Litecoin bookmakers also feature numerous Esports competitions and tournaments. This includes CS:GO, DOTA 2, LoL, WoW, and plenty of CoD tournaments which are quite popular these days, especially among younger punters. Esports is an emerging betting market where you can get pretty great odds, so make sure not to miss the markets on offer.

Types of Litecoin Sports Betting Bets

LTC sports betting websites feature the same sports markets and bets. This means that you can bet on outrights, match winners, handicaps, over/under, totals, teams, players, and live bets too. Everything else is the same, it’s just the payment method that differs.

Thanks to this, you won’t have trouble wagering in your favorite markets at all. Simply load up your account with LTC using your wallet of choice and start placing the wagers you love the most. It’s easy, fast, and no different at all from traditional sports betting sites. If you do not have any LTC available, you can always do some ETH Sports Betting.

Live Betting at Litecoin Betting Sites

Live, also known as in-play betting, is the betting of the future. This special type of betting allows you to wager on matches that are currently in play. Thanks to that, you get a slew of special markets and bets which enhance your betting experience in unforeseen ways.

To put things into perspective, betting on the next goalscorer or who wins a corner or gets a yellow card is hundreds of times more exciting than betting on pre-match odds. Sure, the risks are greater too and you could lose a lot of money if you’re not careful. However, nothing beats the thrill of live betting, and that’s exactly why you should try it.

The bookies we recommend here at all have an in-play betting section. The hundreds of markets are paired with fantastic odds, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value in return for your money.

Many of our recommended bookies also offer live streaming. It’s a unique feature that lets registered users watch the matches they bet on in live for free. That surely beats switching dozens of channels looking for the matches on your slip.

Once you try it, betting will never be the same for you. Of course, you should make sure that you’ll react fast since the odds are changing by the minute. Even if there’s no live streaming at the site, there will definitely be live statistics. Thanks to this, you can pay attention to the action second-by-second which will hopefully help you make more educates bets.

Pros and Cons of LTC Sports Betting

There are plenty of positives when it comes to LTC betting. First and foremost – as a digital currency, Litecoin is pretty fast and efficient. You may think that e-wallets are fast, but cryptos are on another level.

Deposits are completed instantly, and so are withdrawals (depending on the sportsbook). You can cash out instantly with Litecoin since there are no third parties such as banks involved.

The second major reason why LTC sports betting is so popular the low to no fees. While processing fees are certainly tiny for other payment methods, cutting them out completely means more money for you.

The stability of Litecoin is another factor why punters love it so much. Compared to the volatility of other cryptos, LTC offers a much steadier price. This means that you can buy it without stressing about the value.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks as well. Litecoin is not as widespread as Bitcoin, which means that it’s used at fewer websites. Additionally, it’s a relatively new concept that’s yet unproven by time. This may put off many punters off the idea of Litecoin betting, making them choose established cryptocurrencies.

LTC sports betting

Litecoin Sports Betting FAQ

What is Litecoin?

Litecoin is the third-largest cryptocurrency on the market after Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and an open-source project released under the MIT/X11 license. Technically, Litecoin is nearly identical to Bitcoin, but is much steadier in terms of price volatility.

Is it safe to bet with LTC?

Yes, it is safe to bet with LTC. If you choose a safe and secure Litecoin betting site from our pages, you will enjoy 100% legit LTC betting.

Is Litecoin a good investment?

While LTC may not have the price of BTC, it’s a great investment thanks to the steadier volatility. Experts believe the Litecoin is a good investment in the long run, with new price records to break on the horizon.

Which sports can I bet on with LTC?

You can bet on all the sports you can think of with LTC that you get at fiat money bookies. Litecoin betting is no different than regular betting – it’s just the payment method that differs.

What’s the best LTC sports betting site?

Our opinions and Litecoin sports betting sites are transparent and unbiased. We can’t tell you which betting site with LTC is best – you’ll have to choose on your own. We can only advise you to find a licensed betting site with plenty of sports markets and valuable odds so you can get nice returns.

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